Judy O'Donohue is a Professional member of

the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

and the Careers Education Association of Australia (CEAV)

Career Me Now is committed to providing quality, individually-tailored careers advice.

As a qualified Careers Practitioner, Judy O'Donohue has a wealth of knowledge to impart so that  people of all ages and abilities can find their own successful career in whatever way they see it and however they want to develop it.

As the owner of Career Me Now and with years of experience in recruitment and careers counselling, Judy has a drive and passion to help others find and build their own career paths.


By highlighting the range of opportunities and options available and tailoring advice based on each individual's own interests, desires, skills, abilities and values, Judy is able to develop a personalised career action plan.

As a parent who guided her own children through secondary school and beyond and with over ten years experience working in secondary schools, Judy has the knowledge, experience, patience and understanding to guide families through this difficult, confusing and sometimes overwhelming time. She can explain how the ATAR works, unpack VTAC terminology, assist with pre-requisite subjects, assist pathways planning and help parents navigate the VCE/IB/VET and VCAL options.

As someone who has changed jobs and careers, taken on further study and started her own business, Judy has the knowledge and experience to help others do the same. She has assisted young adults change university courses when realising it is not the right one for them, has encouraged mothers returning to the paid workforce, has helped mid career-changers find a new path when unhappy in their current work role and has given support and guidance to those made redundant or found themselves unexpectedly out of work. 


Judy has a great ability to listen, build confidence and guide people towards a new and better future -  of their own making. She provides excellent professional careers advice to those who seek to find their best opportunities from their best selves.

Call or Text her now on 0419 319 150 or email jod@careermenow.com.au 

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