Career Me Now 

Careers advice for students and families. Reducing stress and overwhelm. Assisting with the vital steps needed to plan for the future. Subject selection. Pathways planning. Course applications. Career exploration. Goal setting.


You can find plenty of information and helpful resources on the blog page so you can learn more about planning for the future and getting your career sorted. 

Career Me Now offers services including:


  • Future pathway planning

  • Individual goal setting 

  • Career exploration

  • Subject selection

  • Course exploration

  • Resume writing

  • Support in changing direction

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Helping families plan for the future together

 And so much more.....

Working with parents and students to reduce the stress around career decision-making:

  • pathways planning

  • subject selection

  • course applications

  • goal setting

  • study motivation

To find out how I can help you support your young adult through Career exploration, subject selection, course applications and future pathways planning, call me, Judy O'Donohue on  0419 319 150

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