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Career Me Now
Quality careers counselling:
Supporting you and your family on the path to success

Career Me Now offers career counselling to assist with goal setting, pathways planning and change of career direction. When you need it.

Career Me Now will help remove the stress and confusion when working out a quality career action plan that works.

Assisting with:

  • Career exploration

  • Subject selection for success

  • Motivation/engagement 

  • Post school options

  • Changing university courses

  • Future planning

  • Course choices

  • Finding the career pathway

  • All about the ATAR 

  • VTAC and interstate applications

  • Scholarships

  • Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS)

  • Changing direction

Career Me Now is a Melbourne-based Career Counselling firm run by Judy O'Donohue - an experienced, qualified Career practitioner with over 15 years experience in helping individuals and families find their way to career success.

Online counselling across Australia and into South-East Asia, Judy O'Donohue finds the most appropriate career solutions for each individual.

To get the best advice for you or for your young adult call Judy O'Donohue now for a friendly chat on 0419 319 150 or click on the 'Enquire Now' button below. 

young person on a path walking towards the sunshine in a forest

Understanding who you are and where your strengths lie can be the first steps towards getting the life you love.

Trust that it can happen.

Believe in yourself.

Take one step at a time to bring about change.

Family together in friendly way planning and showing the way.jpg

Helping families plan for the future together

 And so much more.....

Working with parents and students to reduce the stress around career decision-making:

  • during transitions

  • with pathways planning

  • when selecting subjects

  • when applying for courses

  • with future goal setting and study motivation

To find out how I can help support you or your young adult through career exploration, future career planning, pathway selection, course research and applications call me, Judy O'Donohue on  0419 319 150

or email me below

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