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Career Me Now, situated in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs will educate, inspire and encourage you to build your confidence, courage and self-esteem in preparation for your future study, work and career journey.

Quality Career Advice to help you get the life you want

Not sure where to go next?

Confused about the future?

Can't work out the next steps

Seeking clarity?

Need a plan

Can't decide which pathway to take?

No idea what you want to do with your life ?

Or maybe your kids lack motivation to achieve their goals?

Or maybe they have no goals? And you don't know how to help them?

Don't stress! Assistance is at hand!

Let Judy O'Donohue at Career Me Now get you back on track!

With 20 years experience in a range of roles including recruitment, interview preparation, career development, coaching,planning and counselling, Judy can help you - (or your kids)- plan for the future, set goals and take the steps to achieve them. An insightful, qualified, experienced Career Practitioner offering support, advice and assistance around all your career questions 

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