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What People Say

'Thank you for all your guidance it has been wonderful!  You have had such a calming influence during what has been an anxious time for him!'                            

Vik, Parent of Year 12 student

'Thank you for all your help. It's been invaluable in giving my daughter the confidence to make decisions about her subject selection for next year - and of course she doesn't listen to any advice from me!' 

Rachel, Parent of Year 10 student

'Judy provided great help and advice to me in my final year of study while I decided what to pursue next.

She was friendly, down-to-earth and I could tell that she really knew her stuff and cared about helping me.

As a result of the discussion we had and the resources she pointed me to I am now studying a great course that I may not have even found without her help.

I really appreciate her time and efforts.' 

Matt, Science student

'Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate the wisdom and encouragement you gave me.' 

Amie, Career Changer

'Want to future proof your child? Then contact Career Me Now. I work a lot in schools and Judy at Career Me Now is the only career professional I've come across who knows the education system back to front as well the importance of preparing young people for self employment as well as employment. At Girls Invent, we focus on entrepreneurial and business skills development and it's a relief to know that professionals like Judy understands that the future of work is rapidly changing and young people need to be ready to also create their own work as well.'   

'I have been studying at university for five years now, and was studying at high school before that - without a gap in between.

For me, my university degree was beginning to become a hard slog and I was losing faith in the career path I chose - teaching. I had a couple of bad placement experiences, and was losing sight in the end goal - did I even want to be a classroom teacher anymore?

It was really nerve racking and upsetting to think that I may have wasted all this time (not to mention money) on a degree which I wasn't sure I would want to pursue long term.

Thankfully, this is where Judy came in - I booked an appointment with her and printed a massive list of questions and concerns I had brainstormed.

After listening to my situation and sussing out what my interests and strengths were, Judy illuminated so many possible career paths for me - ones I had never thought of.

Plus, she clearly explained what the next step would be for me, following these career paths.

When I left after the appointment, I was absolutely buzzing with excitement about these new ideas and spend the following week glued to the computer researching these careers.

I think what was most valuable to me was just being confronted with a series of potential ways to utilise my degree that I had never thought it - it's taught me that the right path may not always be the most obvious one, which is important for me to remember!

It was SO handy that Judy has so much prior knowledge about university courses and opportunities, also, and was able to provide an indication of which careers may require further studying - also very important for me to consider.

So grateful for all of Judy's help!'

Caitlyn, Student

Career Me Now

Don't just hope for the best, make a plan and take those first steps!

Call Judy now on 0419 319 150 or email

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