A group of people learning about VTAC and all things Career Development in a

Career Me Now offers a range of services to help you find clarity, get out of the rut you are in and put steps in place to achieve your goals!  

These services include:

  • goal setting 

  • pathway planning

  • confidence building

  • career planning

  • labour market exploration

  • interview practice

  • career coaching

For Families
Subject selection/Changing subjects

Pre-requisite subjects

Post-school options

VCE/VET/IB  planning


Future options

Understanding the VTAC process

Occupation/Careers research


For University Students


Choosing Majors

Changing courses

Post grad options

Future options

Careers research

Building a network

Utilising available resources

For Career Explorers

Finding Clarity

Changing direction

Goal setting

The next step


Further study options 

Finding a better role

Exploring options

Getting unstuck

For schools 

Replacing Careers advisors on leave.

Presentations to students, staff and parents

Topics including: 'The future of work', 'Finding my passion', 'Leadership and choice',  'How do I decide?', 'Navigating the VCE'  

Career counselling session