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A range of career counselling services 


  • goal-setting

  • future-proofing

  • career decision-making 

  • subject selection

  • pathways planning

  • course selection

  • VCAL, VCE, VET, IB options and why

  • which subjects for which courses

  • confidence building

  • career planning

  • Acronyms: VTAC? VCAA? ATAR?

  • pre-requisite subjects for courses

  • labour-market exploration

  • interview practice

  • resume checking

  • job hunting

  • changing courses

  • transition planning

  • career testing

  • study motivation

  • career change

  • explaining how the ATAR works

  • broadening options

  • finding out about what is possible

  • career exploration for those wanting to change direction but don't know how

  • putting steps in place to get a better life

How does it work? 


For families:

'Help! My teenager has no idea what to do in the future!' or 'My teen is so unmotivated!' or 'Help it is subject selection time!' or 'What pathway is best for my young adult?' or 'This course selection thing is so confusing!'

With your young person at the centre, we will meet online and work together to develop a career action plan that is achievable and manageable. This is done over an appropriate number of sessions depending on the needs of your teen/young adult. 

The careers sessions will reduce your stress as you will understand how it all works, and where to get the best information from.


And it will reduce the stress of your teenager as they will help build a plan that works for them. And they will understand that they are not on their own, that no decision is in stone and that with the right support they can get to where they want to be or to go. (Even if they don't know what that is at the moment)


Careers counselling can be provided for students in school, TAFE or University as well as those who about to find work after courses are completed.

The first session is centred around gathering vital information after which tasks and exploration may be required. 

The sessions following ensure that there is accountability and follow - up, where further discussions take place around the next steps and the development of a career action plan

For Schools:

Career Development consultancy services provided to schools across Melbourne when staff are on leave or need extra support.

Call me on 0419 319 150 to discuss services and fees  


University students on campus. Study at university

Fees and Charges for individuals/families:

Each on-line session is $209

All sessions include tailored, individualised careers advice and counselling and a career action plan


Call or text me now on 0419 319 150 for an obligation-free chat to find out more about how I can help you 


Or use the form below

(NB: Payments in advance and no cancellation refunds except in exceptional circumstances)

To Make a booking, Contact Judy on:

0419 319 150 


or use the booking form below

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