Career Me Now

Quality advice for you and your family

Support for you, (and your teen), so that you understand all the 'career stuff' and know what to say and do at the right time.


Without all the stress!

Answering all your questions around:

  • The ATAR

  • Pathway planning

  • Subject selection

  • Which University/TAFE

  • What course?

  • What job?

  • Career exploration

  • Future proofing

  • Engagement at school

  • Goal setting

  • Course preferences

  • Scholarships?

  • Special Entry Access Schemes?

The final years of secondary school are stressful for everyone - especially for you - trying to support your teenager but not sure how.


Let me help you help them.

My name is Judy O'Donohue and I am the  Career Development Practitioner behind Career Me Now.

Having worked in many schools as a Careers Advisor/Consultant/Counsellor and supported many families in a private capacity, I am the person you need to take you through the process and simplify everything around careers so that you can relax and focus on everything else that you do.


My previous employment life in 

Corporate recruitment gives me valuable insights into what employers are looking for and how you can ensure your young adult has the skills and qualities they need to find a job in the future

Let me help you help them by calling or texting me on 0419 319 150 for an obligation free chat or by clicking on the 'Enquire Now' button below. 

(No robots - real conversations about your real issues)

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Helping families plan for the future together

 And so much more.....

Working with parents and students to reduce the stress around career decision-making:

  • during transitions

  • with pathways planning

  • when selecting subjects

  • when applying for courses

  • with future goal setting and study motivation

To find out how I can help support you or your young adult through career exploration, future career planning, pathway selection, course research and applications call me, Judy O'Donohue on  0419 319 150

or email me below

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