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Taking the first steps

Whenever you want to make change it can seem so hard.

Where do I start?

What if I get it wrong?

Who will support me?

What if it all backfires and I am worse off?

What if it is all just too difficult?

Really good questions...

Sometimes it is just about taking the first steps.

1. Before you do anything, just write down what you would like to change.

for eg..."'I want to be in a job where I am valued and can show what I am capable of"

2. Then start doing research. Lots of research!

a) Find out about yourself, your strengths, skills and values

Write them all down

b) Find out about companies you might like to work for

List them

c) Find out what jobs might be available with your interest and skills set

Take notes about what you might be missing (course, experience)

d) Find out what courses are available to improve your qualifications/skills

Call and visit the organisations offering the course. Find out about them

e) Do some volunteer work to give you some experience in an area of interest

f) Talk to family and friends and friends of family. Build a network of people who may be able to help you

3. Whilst doing your research, make a vision board of all the goals and ideas you have for the future. Put it somewhere where you can see it every day and know that is what you are working towards.

4. Do all the other things around changing jobs that your normally do

a) start/update your Linked in account

b) update your resume and cover letter

c) apply for advertised jobs

d) approach companies of interest

It is not going to be a quick fix and it is not going to be super easy but just starting the process will get you on the right track..

So instead of being in an unhappy job and doing nothing - at least you will be in an unhappy job but doing something about making it better!

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